We are a team of Paranormal Investigators serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec since 2010. We are here to provide understanding, assistance to those in need.  We are a Non Profit Organization based in the Ottawa Valley. Our objective is to research and document all manner of paranormal phenomena.  Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the paranormal.

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  Our team enjoys having fun at investigations however, we will provide the most professional service to our clients. We use the best equipment available to conduct investigations.

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We are here to help you through your experience.  We understand that calling a team into your home or environment can be difficult.  You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your experience in the area you want investigated.  This questionnaire will be evaluated and you will be contacted to make arrangements in regard to signing legal documents pertaining to the investigation.  Once the terms of the investigation are agreed upon and the proper documents signed, we will proceed with the investigation. Be assured that your privacy will be respected and only information you wish to share will be disclosed.

Our team of investigators will use all available equipment to capture evidence of paranormal activity.  Whenever activity occurs in a home we will attempt to communicate and document the events.  We can offer advise based on the homeowners wishes.  We may request a second shorter visit to confirm our findings.  All of our findings will be shared with you.  We will help you to understand and deal with the experience.

You will also be given copies of the pictures, investigative reports as well as our official findings on your case.  We will always be available for clients to answer any questions or re-investigate if required at a future date.

We do not charge clients for investigations.  There are no costs to you.  We will make the investigation as accommodating as possible.

In loving memory of our original Founder
                           Andre Lavictoire

           (October 5 1962 - October 20 2014)

We lost a great man. Our dear friend, and founder of OVPPI, Andre Lavictoire passed away, too young and too soon. 

We all loved him very much and he will be sorely missed.

The OVPPI team will continue in his memory; and in sorrow that we will not have his counsel and guidance to help us along the way.

 We will continue his legacy in seeking for the truth in all our endeavors.

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